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Kirk & Spock || Only in trouble if you get caught


"Vulcans do… I do not know if they date. I do not think so. All marriages are arranged." He paused, knowing that he was entering dangerous territory already, not wanting Jim to know that it was why he had to leave him after their accidental liaison at the bar. He sighed, running his fingers through his hair and leaning back in the chair, his hands shaking ever so slightly. He didn’t know how to tell him that, and he knew that keeping it a secret would only make it worse. But he cared a lot about this human, and he definitely didn’t want to cause him any pain. An idea welled in his brain and he ignored it. He couldn’t run away with the man, not yet! He barely knew him.

But what about the T’hy’la bond? His mind whispered, tricking and playing him in a way that made his stomach twist very uncomfortably. That was true. There was soemthing in him that wondered if maybe maybe his body knew before he did. The T’hy’la bond was something so deep and personal, something that very few people ever encountered. It was complete knowledge of another’s mind, the love of a friend, a brother and a lover rolled into one relationship. That thought made him faintly nauseous and he tried to ignore it.

"What about humanity?" He asked suddenly, his accent when speaking Standard a little strong as he looked down at him, his speech impeded by the non fluidity of Standard, the words faintly harsh. He hadn’t spoken Standard since meeting Jim, and before that only in lessons and in a holocall with his tutor. He was intriged though, the different cultures present that he knew about on Earth fascinating - even if his parents thought he was wasting his time.

"Many young couples come here, yes." He finally said, looking around the place with a slight pang of sadness. He would never bring T’Pring here - once married he would be in her county and her district, and he would barely return here nor have any time for himself. "It is why I wanted to bring you here."

This time Jim wasn’t as taken aback by Spock’s bold comment since he totally walked into that one. He grinned at Spock’s words. “Awesome.” He replied with that same happy grin as if this was the best news that he’d heard. “I like that you want to date me.” He added. “Can’t say that I have a problem with that idea.” He’d never dated a Vulcan before. This would be cool. There would be no better way to learn about one.

"Humans can be very casual about dating." Jim admitted thinking it over. Knowing whether you were exclusive with someone or not got complicated sometimes. "Sometimes too casual… But I still prefer it. I’d want to have a choice in who I’m going to marry." His brows furrowed thinking how boring an arranged marriage would be. "I mean, what if you can’t stand a word your spouse says? How the hell could you tolerate being around them all the time?" He shook his head while imagining it. "… I could never marry someone that I wasn’t also friends with."

It took a couple seconds for Jim to wonder if Spock would be getting married soon. He wasn’t sure about relations on Vulcan; their culture could be very secretive in some ways, even by textbook standards. He wanted to ask, but decided that was enough marriage talk. “What should we do for our second date?” He asked with an eyebrow raise. “I don’t go out that much.” He confessed. “If I’m not at the bar— the one where we met— I usually just stay home and read.” Mostly because he was too poor to afford a car and he didn’t know enough locals anyway.

In this galaxy, there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets, and in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this, and in all of that, and perhaps more, only one of each of us. Don’t destroy the one named Kirk.