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cute date idea: sacrifice your career, your son, your beloved spaceship, and quite possibly your own life in order to save his



          “You’re just proving my point — the Kobayashi Maru was a game to you — it was my entire career on the line, my permission to remain on Earth was almost revoked—-!”

      She stifles a cry of anger at his decision, eyes burning with anger at the idea of being sidelined to her room — her room with false lighting and walls that get smaller with each hour, her room where she’d be alone with the ghosts of those that died because she couldn’t get them to listen.  

           ”Scotty didn’t have all the data — I’m in charge of simulations and I’m telling you it was possible, just for the few seconds more they needed!” She knows her Scottish supervisor, dear Scotty, poor Scotty, is probably already blaming himself for the deaths as well. They all are.  


            ❝I would have never let you have taken the fall for me at school. Again, that was school and it annoyed me that I couldn’t get a perfect score. I never even thought it was going to escalate to a hearing.❞ Kirk sighed feeling exhausted from the conversation and knowing that he had so much to do still. Ugh, the paperwork was going to be awful.

            ❝The seconds always matter. I know that and I would do anything for this crew to keep them safe and that includes having a functioning ship. Now, go get some rest.❞ Kirk turned and started to walk away. He still couldn’t believe what a low opinion of his compassion she held. It was completely inappropriate to say it, but this was killing him. Kirk turned around to have another last word. ❝You know for someone that claimed to love me once, I expected you to know me better. The Enterprise is all I have.❞ He nodded once, before walking away for good this time as a single tear ran down his left cheek.

— complete —

Benny & Kirk || Therapy Is Over


The Lieutenant felt oddly like a proud mother as she opened the door to Captain Kirk, despite the fact that he was actually older than her by a year. It was his last session and she could sense the jitters from a mile away. He wanted to get the hell off this rock and back into the black. She was being reassigned soon too, though she wasn’t sure where. She smiled. “Welcome back Captain. Take a seat.” she gestured for him to sit and crossed her legs.


Attending therapy sessions had been painstaking for Kirk. In fact, he had wanted to avoid them altogether but Starfleet wasn’t going to give him back his ship until he was cleared for duty both mentally and physically. Naturally, the physical part wasn’t a big deal for him. He had developed an exceptional high tolerance for pain over his youth and grit through it easily enough. The talk therapy… That’d been a whole other war. It had taken him weeks to even say much about what happened with Admiral Marcus.

"I know I haven’t been easy to work with, but I wanted to say thank you." Kirk spoke softly. Benny was the only person that even knew he had considered quitting Starfleet because he’d been disillusioned by the politics. He had signed up to be an explorer; not to tote guns around and force people into dangerous situations. "It would have been hard…" He wanted to say it would have been hard to not talk out his problems but he stumbled. Guess he was always going to be bad at expressing his personal feelings, even with someone like Benny.



"I did my best…what I thought was right for the situation. Freaking out in a panic? Not wise." Anna thought, that she was sure that he already knew that pattern of thinking as well. There was no time for panic in an epidemic.

            ❝I better check in with the rest of the crew.❞ Kirk said knowing there were going to be complications from this mission. ❝Good work again, Lieutenant. I’ll come back to medical in a few hours.❞

 —complete chat—


Party Like It’s the NCC-1701! » a mix for the USS Enterprise and her crew when they’re off-duty and ready to just have a little fun.

01. Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) // Cazzette02. Mission to Mars (feat. PK) // PRO03. Human After All // Daft Punk04. Chasing the Sun // The Wanted 05. Clique // Kanye West 06. Genesis // Justice07. Starships // Nicki Minaj08. One Tribe // Black Eyed Peas09. Supermassive Black Hole (Asian Beat KillA Boost Remix) // Muse10. Sabotage (Alex Metric re-edit) // Beastie Boys

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Party Like It’s the NCC-1701!
» a mix for the USS Enterprise and her crew when they’re off-duty and ready to just have a little fun.

01. Beam Me Up (Kill Mode) // Cazzette
Mission to Mars (feat. PK) // PRO
03. Human After All // Daft Punk
04. Chasing the Sun // The Wanted
05. Clique // Kanye West
06. Genesis // Justice
07. Starships // Nicki Minaj
08. One Tribe // Black Eyed Peas
09. Supermassive Black Hole (Asian Beat KillA Boost Remix) // Muse
10. Sabotage (Alex Metric re-edit) // Beastie Boys

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I’m around. Currently watching “Friday’s Child” which has all the best Bones’ lines; “I’m a doctor not an escalator.” It was a long work day… We’ll see what I manage drafts wise.



       "Do I look like I’m over it?" the doctor demanded, scowling at the younger man, his shoulders filled with tension. He was pissed. There goes a flawless record down the drain. All thanks to, as per usual, Jim Kirk. "Honestly, Jim, you drive a man to drink!"


            ❝But it was over a week ago?❞ Kirk replied. Ever since the incident, things hadn’t been as usual back on the ship. Kirk constantly had to start all of their conversations or ask Bones to eat with him. He felt like he was getting the cold shoulder, which was weird.